Is Prayer Good Medicine?

Wake Up Call

praying handsIt’s amusing to me that there have been a rash of scientific studies done in the last few years about whether prayer actually works. One such study that I read was titled; “Why Prayer Could Be Good Medicine.” Yes, they are claiming – there might actually be a connection between prayer and recovery from illness etc. DUH!

Those who participate in prayer on a regular basis don’t need any researchers to tell them that prayer works. James 5:16 says; “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” Prayer is actually more powerful than all their medical remedies on the market today. Prayer goes beyond the natural and touches heaven; that’s where the truth prevails. Prayer brings the kingdom of heaven upon the earth.

I think there is an upside to all this research however. It is harder and harder for doctors and hospitals to ignore the importance of prayer. That opens a door for its acceptance before surgery or after. Not just a back door but a front door. More and more medical practitioners are not only willing to have their patients prayed for but they are praying for their patients themselves.

Most of the studies say they don’t know why prayer works, they just know it does and on that basis they welcome it. I could tell them why prayer works. It’s because God is good, loves us, and wants to answer us. But that’s okay. They can keep doing research and I’ll just keep praying.


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