What’s Ahead?

Wake Up Call

Sitting in the chair at my dentist’s office I stared across the wall at one of those motivational/inspirational posters that are so popular now. It said; “What is behind you and what is before you is not as important as what is within you.”

“I don’t agree with that” I thought to myself. Yeah, it sounds good but it reminds me too much of that self-centered-hug-your-inner-child stuff. Maybe I’m being too picky but the way I see it, what is before me is the most important thing of all. I’m thinking of eternity of course.

It’s true that the past is a done deal and there is no way to rewind so we have to let it go. We can’t change it but God certainly can use it. When we enter into eternity it is our past that will determine our future. What we did and how we lived matters to the kind of eternity we will experience.

We don’t earn heaven but we can make the decision to be a disciple of Jesus Christ so our destination in eternity is assured. On top of that, we can earn rewards. Everyone in heaven will not be on the same level but everyone will be filled to their own capacity. I want to work hard now to enlarge my capacity.

What’s behind you? Now is the time to make corrections if your life hasn’t been building a good future so far. You want to be sure the rest of it isn’t wasted for what’s ahead.



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