A Teaspoon of Faith – Romans 12:3

Wake Up Call

After coming to know the gracious grace of God, don’t you sometimes wonder how you stayed in the dark so long? I remember I just couldn’t SEE it until the day I could finally SEE it. But even though I appeared to be totally blind there was a measure of faith at work within me. It wasn’t saving faith yet but it would be.

Romans 12:3 says; “as God has allotted to each a measure of faith.” Even in our blindness there is a portion of faith inside each of us – enough to prepare us to believe. In my case, small things I didn’t notice at the time were influencing me to look up to God. Many people, events and prayers played a part and God’s hand was tending my “measure” until I was ready.

You may wonder how the one you are praying for can ever turn around and receive God’s love. It may look like they have utterly rejected every attempt of the Lord to reach them. Maybe they have so far. But don’t forget about the measure of faith.

Keep praying and your prayers will help to cultivate whatever faith God has already apportioned to them. Don’t worry about how small it may seem now. Maybe yours was smaller than theirs in the beginning. When God activates faith, even a teaspoon is enough.


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  1. Cysandra Carter

    Please pray for me and my family and this nation continuously ♡♡♡♡♡


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