No Buts

Wake Up Call

I know a guy who is particularly blessed. In fact, to me it seems like his life hit the “blessing” jackpot. He doesn’t see it that way though. No, he sees that one thing that is missing; he sees the lack in his life instead of the fullness.

People like my friend always use a lot of; “Yes, but–.” If you mention how wonderful it is that they have such and such they answer “Yes, but you know – here’s what’s wrong with that.” When you remind them of another blessing they grudgingly nod their head, but remind you of how hard this other area of life is.

Do you know someone like that? Wait a minute. That’s not you, is it? The reason I ask is because there have been times when regrettably, that has been me. I can easily get irritated with someone else for not seeing their blessings, but then I realize I haven’t always seen mine. To the next guy, I may look like the most blessed person in the world.

Actually, I AM blessed beyond measure as I take the time to think it through. And lately, I have wondered if it wouldn’t be a great idea to reserve a whole day for nothing but acknowledging God’s gracious, heaping hand of blessings. Just “thank you, thank you, thank you!” You can do the same. We will spend twenty-four hours savoring every single blessing that fills our life.

And remember, absolutely no “buts”.



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