That’s Why

Wake Up Call

We were in the worship part of service one Sunday morning. In between two songs, one of the worship leaders shared an insight God had recently given her. She said; “Often God allows in His wisdom what He could prevent with His power.”

It struck me so hard I had to sit and write it down. Yes, I said to myself, that explains it. We so often wonder why God allows various tragedies, hardships, struggles and disasters. Why – why – why? Why must be the word that reverberates into heaven from earth more than any other.

God does not have to give permission for evil. He is sovereign and all of creation is under His control. Job understood this well. He had more adversity (undeserved) than most any of us could claim yet this is how He saw it: “Shall we indeed accept good from God and not accept adversity?” (Job 2:10) Rather than ask “why” he was smart enough to realize “why not?”

When evil befalls us we can get further along by asking the “how” question rather than the “why” question. How can this turn of events refine my character, make me more like Jesus, kill my flesh, advance the kingdom of God? Our soul wants to scream, “It can’t” but that’s not true. God only allows what he can use for good.

Why did God allow this or that in my life? Because of His wisdom. That’s why.



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