Stevie – Psalm 37:4

Wake Up Call

God’s memory of our prayer requests is often better than our own. That’s what one of my friends discovered a few years ago. When she was a little girl of about eight she fell in love with horses, and had a secret desire to own one. Finally, she put that request before her heavenly Father. “Father God, please give me a horse of my own.”

It never came to pass and as she grew up the request faded. Even though she continued to love and be drawn to horses her life led in a direction that precluded association with that world. She and her husband became full time ministers and raised two daughters. There was plenty of work to do and no time or money for horseback riding.

Finally, with children raised, and a small sum of money saved from a part time job, she wondered if she might be able to resume riding at a nearby horse farm. The thrill was back! Twice a week she was up at 5 A.M. headed to the stables. Her old childhood passion was being renewed. Her favorite horse was Stevie; they seemed to intuitively understand each other.

Owning a horse never entered her head anymore; that was a closed door. But one morning the stable owner approached her and asked if she would like to own Stevie. No, she said, she could not afford any horse, much less the wonderful Stevie. But the owner had a solution and presented her with a way that made it possible.

And then she remembered the prayer request of a little eight year old girl. God had always remembered it. So what the Lord said in Psalm 37:4 was really true: “Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.” Stevie was living proof!



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