Only Trying to Help – Jeremiah 31:3

Wake Up Call

A few weeks ago, a neighbor of my daughter caught a man trying to drown cats in the river. She was able to stop him by yelling but he then jumped in his pickup and tore away. The cats were nowhere to be seen for several days but they finally turned up. Actually, it is a mother and her kittens.

She has nested deep in a shed under heavy underbrush and my daughter observed her transporting a kitten to the new digs. She is desperately hungry but very difficult to help. Understandably, she is afraid of humans and hisses and spits when anyone approaches.

Jessica has devised a way to feed her. She puts food on a ledge outside her kitchen window. As long as the window is closed and she stands out of view, the cat appears within moments and wolfs down her dinner. We were talking it over last night and my daughter said; “I wish there was a way for me to get through to her that I only want to help.”

I wonder if God sometimes says that about us. We are wounded and hurt deep in our souls by other people or by tragic circumstances in our life. We hiss and spit if anyone tries to get too close – even God. He’s only trying to help but our fear keeps us from receiving a new start in life.

If you have been holding God at arm’s length, dare to take a step toward him one more time. Hear his voice to you now: “I have loved you with an everlasting love.” (Jeremiah 31:3)



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