Yes, but… – Romans 8:31

Wake Up Call

I like this definition of contentment: “Contentment is the art of always feeling full no matter how big your cup is.” Since there are many sized cups as we look around at other folk’s life, I agree that there is a real art to it. We often want to be envious rather than contended.

I’ve always noticed that when a missionary team comes home from Africa or Central America they report how struck they are with the attitude of the people they are ministering to. Though they may be extremely poor they don’t appear to feel deprived. They see a full cup rather than a small cup. Perhaps we should model ourselves after them.

No matter what size your cup is, it can always be full. How? Make an inventory of all your blessings. For instance, you might say; “Well, I was able to pay all my bills last month.” Don’t follow it up with; “Yes, but my neighbor can afford to put in a new pool.” Or, “Thank God I was pain free for a whole day yesterday” and not; “Yes, but today is making up for it.”

Get rid of all the “Yes, buts…” which chip away at seeing your full cup. Develop that art of contentment. There is only one “Yes, but” that you should keep handy when the cup appears to be draining down. YES BUT…”if God is for me, who can be against me?”(from Romans 8:31)



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