Don’t Be Shy – Luke 11:9

Wake Up Call

A week ago I had a particular reason to meet one of my friends at church but she showed up very late. Afterward she told me why. She couldn’t find the keys to her car and had to end up calling her son to come over and bring her his set. She was so frustrated and puzzled because she had used her car the night before and obviously had her keys then. She looked high and low — where could they possibly be?

I asked her if I could pray with her for her keys to be found. Yes, she said she would welcome it. So I prayed a pretty simple prayer and left. When I arrived home there was a message on my machine. She called to tell me that when we prayed, she had a sudden flash of where she keeps a spare key set. She got home and sure enough, there they were. She was happy as a clam and wanted to thank me.

No, I said to myself, that isn’t good enough. I didn’t pray she would find her spare set; I prayed she would find the lost keys. “Thanks, God, for giving this temporary fix but now show her where her car keys are.” I continued to pray. The next week the first thing I wanted to know was whether the keys had turned up. “Yes, I found them!” she said.

Ahhh…now I am satisfied! When you ask something of God, do you expect what you prayed for or will any old answer do? Doesn’t it say; “Ask and it will be given to you.” (Luke 11:9) Why not press through for the very best answer? Don’t be shy!



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