The Restorer – Psalm 23:3

Wake Up Call

I admire those people who have the skill and patience to restore a painting by one of the old Masters. It must be a painstaking process. Over time, paintings become dirty, dull and dark. It is the job of the art restorer to bring the painting back to its original brilliance without damaging it.

If it is hard with artwork, think how much harder it must be to restore a soul. God creates a perfect masterpiece when each one of us is born. We are a clean slate, so to speak. Over time, our soul becomes dirty with sin, dull of heart and so dark we barely remember ourselves in the “original.” In fact, some of us have had such severe wounds we don’t realize there ever was an original.

Along comes the Good Shepherd. In His shepherding job He does many things to guide and protect and care for us. One of His greatest skills though, is stated very simply in Psalm 23:3 “He restores my soul.”Can He truly roll back time and restore us to our original brilliance? Can He remove the dirt without damage? Can He take away what is dull and cause us to shine the way He always intended?

He can do it all. If you feel your life is dark as a five hundred year old painting, don’t despair. There is nothing that has happened to you that cannot be redeemed. The Good Shepherd did your original canvas and He still remembers every stroke. Now is the time to ask Him: Lord, restore my soul!



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