Oil Changes – Malachi 2:16

Wake Up Call

I know of a couple who are strong mature Christians and have an excellent marriage. Still, they do something that most people only do when their marriage is in trouble. This husband and wife schedule a session with a trusted Christian counselor several times a year for what they call an “oil change.”

You know, oil changes are good preventive maintenance. Any mechanic will tell you that there is nothing better to extend the life of your car and avert engine problems. Your car may hum along without one for awhile but in the long run you realize you avoid problems by sticking to regular oil changes.

That’s just the way this couple feels when they submit their marriage to regular maintenance. They get a checkup under the trained eye of someone who knows how to objectively take the spiritual temperature of their relationship. Better to handle any “engine knocks” early; before the engine blows up.

Why don’t more people do this sort of thing? Is it pride? Is it denial which can’t admit everything isn’t perfect? Is it fear that something will turn up or that hard work will be required? All that pales in comparison to the mop-up operation caused by divorce.

“‘For I hate divorce,’ says the Lord.” (Malachi 2:16) I bet God would agree with the mechanics: BETTER GET THOSE OIL CHANGES.



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