Picky Eater

Wake Up Call

I remember when a can of peas simply said “Peas” on the label and told the weight and manufacturer and maybe the price (before the UPC scan). My how things have changed! The consumer can almost get an encyclopedia on every food label now from calories per serving to additives to ingredient list – and more.

We want more information so we can make more intelligent choices. As American consumers, we are pickier about what we eat and we wonder about long term health risks from things like Trans Fats and artificial preservatives.

This scrutiny is probably a good thing but why don’t we apply it to other areas of our life? We consume books, magazines, TV, movies, websites, computer games, etc. Do we ever worry about the long term affect these things will have our spiritual and emotional health?

Can you imagine a movie being required to have a label on it that reveals the real truth about its “ingredients”? For instance: Movie Contains: Lies, amoral outlook, poor role models, and a pinch of humor so it will slide down easily. How about a magazine that reveals it is all gossip designed to increase your appetite for the outrageous?

In the end, our body will become dust and eternity will not care how many carbs or calories we consumed. Ah, but the soul. What our soul consumes over our lifetime will matter forever. Be a picky eater!



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