Bible Sound Bytes

Wake Up Call

Cable networks and political pundits like nothing better than serving sound bytes. They are all the rage in our modern information explosion to the chagrin of those who protest: “Yes but you took that out of context.” Grab a line that fits perfectly into a bite size morsel and serve it on an appetizer tray with an assortment of other “bytes.” Tell people it’s dinner and watch as they voraciously wolf them down and then wonder why they are still hungry.

Bible sound bytes are not much better. We often grab a scripture verse for a quick fix or easy answer, picking one that doesn’t require too much chewing. I wonder if God ever says: “Yes but you took that out of context.”

I remember a time when I discovered what a truly satisfying scripture meal really tasted like. I took the book of Luke and read it over and over and over. I can’t tell you which reading I was in when the person of Jesus emerged as I had never seen Him before. I wasn’t reading about Him anymore; I was touching HIM.

That changed things for me. I realized the shortcomings of the appetizer approach. Jesus himself was the real meal and I only got to Him by taking real time and study in His Word.

Hungry? Don’t expect the small bytes served on the run to fully satisfy. There is a dinner reservation for you but it’s a sit down dinner at a table for two. Sound bytes are not on the menu.



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