Easy To Love – Matthew 5:46

Wake Up Call

Are there some people – perfectly good lovely people, who just rub you the wrong way? In fact, truth be known, they absolutely drive you crazy? Can you think of one right now? I’ve got one in my mind. Now this is not an axe murderer or anything; just someone who gets under your skin and you really don’t know why.

What do you do with such people, how do you respond? Avoid them if at all possible? Fake it? Feel guilty? All of the above? We are supposed to love our neighbor as ourselves and then along comes someone who makes that seem like “Mission Impossible.”

The truth is that some people are easier to love than others. We have a natural compatibility with certain personality types and others are like oil and water to us. Jesus says; “For if you love those who love you, what reward have you? Do not even the tax collectors do the same?” (Matthew 5:46) In other words, loving your friends is a no brainer – everyone does that so don’t take any credit there.

Real love goes beyond “like” and because you don’t like someone doesn’t mean you can’t love them. I know it is nice when they merge together into one emotion but that doesn’t always happen.

That perfectly good person that drives you crazy is in your life for a reason. Whether you like them or not does not prevent you from seeing and acknowledging the good in them, treating them with respect and care, praying for their needs and wishing them every blessing from God. That’s REAL love actually – and it is rarely easy.

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