Star Power

Wake Up Call

Are the superstars of the entertainment or sports industry worthy of all the attention we give them? As a society we seem to hang on every word out of their mouths. I have noticed that they make the rounds of all the talk shows and they get asked their opinion about EVERYTHING.

This is very evident now in the political arena, but it is not just that. They are asked to spout off their views on everything from soup to nuts. I think their opinion is just as good as anybody else’s, but we often act as if it is better. Does beauty or being gifted in acting or singing or being proficient on a sports field qualify them for such adulation?

We really can’t blame them, can we? Most of us will give our opinion on just about anything too if asked. Hopefully they don’t take themselves so seriously, and they go home at night and say; “Who cares what I think about the price of tea in China – what do I know about it anyway?”

The real problem is us. What make us so interested in people surrounded by fame and glamour? Who are the real “stars” in God’s eyes? Who does He think is worthy of our time and attention? God wrote a book called the Bible and it is chock-full of heroes and stars worthy of us hanging on their every word. Whoever is interested in star power, I suggest listening to them.



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