cracked-earth-grassIf you think you would like to be without pain for the rest of your life – think again. I just read a news article about a little girl in Georgia who has a rare condition which causes her not to be able to feel pain. If she eats scalding hot soup she doesn’t feel it so she will burn herself. If she falls off a swing set and splits her knee open she will jump back up and run on without knowing it. Therefore she has to be watched constantly.

Pain is a very valuable thing. It tells us something is wrong so we can get help or do something about the real problem. We like to avoid pain but it actually plays an important role in our health and well being. We often think that pain IS the problem but that is wrong. Pain is just a sign in the road that points us to the problem.

Of course there is more than one kind of pain. Emotional pain is just as real as physical pain and can be more excruciating. It shouldn’t be ignored or discounted. Just like the little girl, to not feel our pain can end up making matters worse.

If you are in emotional pain right now the fact that you can feel it is a good sign. That’s healthy and God given and it is pointing you to a problem. Don’t treat the pain; treat the problem. Don’t avoid the pain; embrace the opportunity of a solution. Maybe you have to face difficult issues; maybe you need spiritual surgery; maybe you need to seize hold of God in a way you never have before.

I suggest you make an appointment with the Divine Physician. When he says; “Where does it hurt?” tell him. Later, when you are well you will be grateful that pain was there to point you to recovery.

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