The Basement – Matthew 10:26

Wake Up Call

I have a basement but I simply use it for storage and laundry. It’s not my favorite place so I only go down there when I really have to. Therefore, what do you think the chances are that you could eat off that basement floor? You’re right; slim and none. The truth is my basement is embarrassingly dusty, cobwebby and dirty. Since no one ever sees it, so what?

Do I also have a basement in my spiritual life? A place where I store a bunch of stuff that no one ever sees? Do I only take care of those parts of my life that can be observed? I can make sure the front parlor pieces of my life are dusted and polished and the basement pieces stay hidden from view.

For instance, how is my honesty if no one is around to observe me? Who really knows what I’m doing on the Internet when I sit alone at my own computer? Is integrity only a parlor piece?

If you are hiding stuff in the basement of your soul, don’t bother. The Bible tells us that everything that is hidden will end up being revealed. The truth will come out in the end. (See Matthew 10:26) That could be embarrassing but listen to this: God already knows. He knows every inch of your spiritual house, basement included.

Stop trying to fool other people because in the end it won’t matter what they think of you. Maybe it’s time for a massive spring cleaning. Don’t go down there by yourself. Ask the Lord to go with you and clean every corner of your soul. Once it’s clean, maybe you wouldn’t mind if it is observed any more than the front parlor.

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