My Most Thankful Story

Wake Up Call

When anyone asks what I am most thankful for a certain story always pops to mind. I’m thankful that God saved me early enough for it to affect my children. They don’t remember BC (Before Christ) in our home. Here’s what happened that reminds me it happened in the nick of time.

My first daughter was only five years old when my marriage ended and I was going through a hard time emotionally. I had finally surrendered my life to Christ. Still, one of the things I noticed right away was the amount of fighting and irritation between the two of us.

Faith was new to me but it seemed that since God was taking over every aspect of my life I should give him a try on this too. I went to my daughter and said; “You know our relationship isn’t very good right now. Let’s pray together and ask God to help us.” She said a remarkable thing for a five year old which took me aback. She said; “O Mom, He won’t do that.”

Even so young, a certain cynicism was settling into her heart. The look in her eye was almost as if she pitied me for being so gullible. I suggested we give it a try anyhow and she humored me and agreed to pray with me.

Things changed dramatically between us and there was no doubt God answered our prayer. I waited a couple of weeks and then drew it to her attention. She agreed things were much better. Cynicism was nipped in the bud and faith bore a tiny sprout.

She doesn’t remember the incident but I do. I shudder to think what would have happened had we not prayed that little prayer before hardness took deeper hold. Time has not dimmed my gratitude one iota. Thank you Lord!