A Peaceful Habitation – Isaiah 32:18

Wake Up Call

“My people will dwell in a peaceful habitation, in secure dwellings, and in quiet resting places.” (Isaiah 32:18)

Is your home a place of peace? Is the atmosphere contentious or quiet and restful? I remember a teenager I knew at one time who did not dwell in a house of peace. She came to know the Savior but was the only one in her family to do so. Her household was quite a battleground.

Since she was not the head of her family but had to submit to the authority over her, she felt helpless at first to effect change. But she took the suggestion of a mentor who was helping her and praying with her. She did at least have her own bedroom so she started with it.

First she went through her room thoroughly eliminating music CDs, posters, books and magazines which did not honor God. She prayed over her room and dedicated it to the Lord and asked the Prince of Peace to come in and dwell there. Change did not come immediately. Each night she walked about speaking peace over her small dwelling. She was taking authority over what was in her authority.

Gradually things improved. She was no longer contributing to the strife in her home. Her own room was a haven of peace finally and the rest of the household received some overflow of that. She learned that God’s Word is true but sometimes we have to fight for it. Dwelling in a peaceful habitation is worth it!