Get A Head Start – Acts 27:34

Wake Up Call

I’m impressed with something Paul the Apostle did during a missionary journey that I never noticed before. He and his companions were sailing from Crete and Paul, a prisoner, was eventually headed for Rome. They hit a severe storm at sea and were in extreme danger of losing everything including their lives.

Due to their dire circumstances, no one had eaten for fourteen days. Paul stood up and encouraged them to eat, telling them; “this is for your survival, since not a hair will fall from the head of any of you.” (Acts 27:34) It’s what he did next that I find so remarkable. He “took bread and gave thanks to God in the presence of them all.” (Verse 35) He did not wait until the ordeal was over and they were safe on shore. He gave thanks BEFORE the blessing came.

That’s a pretty good example for all of us. I usually wait to say “thank you” till after I see the blessing with my own eyes. But, why wait? Knowing that God is always working everything for our good and that he is blessing us continuously should make us give thanks before, during and after.

When we thank God before we have evidence, we build faith and we definitely build trust. We expect that God is going to act like God and even the direst circumstances are going to turn into a blessing.

Go ahead and review your current prayer requests. I’ll do the same. Let’s give thanks now – before we see results. Let’s get a head start on all the thanksgiving God deserves for every blessing in our life, especially those yet to come.