Labels – Song of Solomon 7:10

Wake Up Call

What were you called as a child? Did your parents have any pet names for you? Some of them are endearing and wonderful and bring back really happy memories. Then there is another type of name that isn’t so fun.

Fatty! Stupid! Ugly! Were any of you called by those types of names? Out in public, I’ve often heard parents yell such things to children and I always cringe. Even though they aren’t saying it to me I can feel a shutdown inside which hurts my heart. Think how the recipient must feel.

How many adults are walking around today with such labels carried over from childhood? It affects everything: the way they do their job; the way they handle relationships and especially the way they see themselves. With a poor self image, it’s easy to recycle their brutal labels onto their own children.

If you have ever been called by a name that wounded you, peel it off now and throw it in the garbage. That is not what God intended for you. He cringed when he heard it. But it is not true and must be rejected. And what label shall you take in its place? What are you called by your loving heavenly Father? What is his pet name for you? Here’s one that is true and wears well: BELOVED!

“I am my beloved’s, and his desire is for me.” (Song of Solomon 7:10)