Hang In There, Kathy – Romans 8:37

Wake Up Call

This is for my friend Kathy. She just dropped me a note and asked me to write something about hanging in when you are just barely hanging on. If you are in that same place, this is for you too.

How well I understand. It seems there are some seasons in life when it’s not just a matter of one thing wrong; instead, it becomes difficult to find one thing right. It feels like paddling up stream in a very long river. Everything is hard – finances, personal relationships, health, hope for a good future.

Yes, it seems that way, but that is not really the truth. “But in all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us.” (Romans 8:37) When life is tough we need to do a mind shift. We aren’t paddling up stream; we are developing incredible spiritual muscles. God wants us in shape because he wants us fit for the crown of life. In fact every obstacle works to our good when we recognize it for what it really is: a training tool to make us lean mean faith machines.

Every time we press on we are winning. Every time we hope, trust or believe despite our circumstances we are overwhelming conquerors like the scripture says. We can’t give up because we are growing stronger in the Lord day by day.

No more hanging on. “Hanging” is reserved for those who are too weak to raise their chin to the bar. Flex those muscles – you can do it. Pull up!