Open Door

Wake Up Call

I just finished a lovely visit with my daughter who lives out of town. Yesterday she had a ten-hour drive back to her home several states away. I asked her to call me when she arrived and let me know she was safe. When she called there was an edge to her voice.

As she walked into her house she found thousands of newly hatched flies. We are pretty sure it happened because of a porch door that had been left open for several days and which her friend watching the house had found while bringing in the mail. What a mess to clean up.

An open door can let in things that will require more time and energy to undo than it would have taken to secure the door to begin with. It’s true in the natural (as my daughter has found out) and it’s true for spiritual doors too.

We should all be on constant guard against those things that try to enter our life to wreck havoc if we don’t have a locked door in place. Like what? That may look different to each person.

To the one who struggles with alcohol the open door might be hanging out in bars with friends who drink. For the one who struggles with lust it might mean unlimited Internet access and no accountability. And for those who have been attracted to the occult it might be as simple as reading a daily horoscope.

Most people routinely check their doors at night before heading to bed. What about daily checking for any spiritual doors that might be open also. Rather lock them now than face a bigger mess tomorrow.



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