Cozy – Psalm 127:2

Wake Up Call

One of the great yet simple pleasures in life is a cozy day. You know, curled up on an overstuffed couch with an afghan; warm sun filtering through the window or better yet-rain. Drifting off into an afternoon nap with no time constraints; maybe a football game droning in the background or the distant sound of a lawnmower. Delicious! On such days a euphoric feeling comes that “all is right with the world.”

If you are like me you thoroughly enjoy those rare few hours of blissful relaxation, but then afterwards second guess yourself. “Really, I didn’t get anything done. I wasted my day napping and I have so many things to do.” Sound familiar? Well I’m here to tell you to tell yourself to hush up! You did so get something done!

First of all, with the new studies out about how severely sleep deprived Americans are, most of us will never get rid of our backlog. We are do – do – do people followed by more – more – more. Many of us are ruled by the tyranny of T&L – that’s Tasks and Lists. We judge our performance in life by how much we get done, and soon that turns into judging our “worth” as human beings the same way.

The next time you feel guilty over partaking in a cozy day, remember this: “It’s useless to rise early and go to bed late, and work your worried fingers to the bone. Don’t you know he enjoys giving rest to those he loves?” (Psalm 127:2 from The Message)

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