Empty Nest – Psalm 144:4

Wake Up Call

Duck landing on waterThere is life after grown children. There is life after releasing the little birds from the nest and seeing them fly away on their own. Yes, I know there is also a lonely feeling and maybe a sense of; “what do I do now?” After all, there was so much energy and time and purpose and prayer poured into the nest. So many other things had to be put aside because nothing was more important than turning out the very best little birdies.

After a time of grieving the loss and stewing over the purpose of life it is time to get started again. There is a new chapter to begin or maybe a whole new book to start. And why can’t this one be even better? Don’t look back but look forward because no doubt as you survey the possibilities you will come across some surprises. While you have been investing in your children, God has been investing in you.

You have more talent than you know and probably more ambition. You might have forgotten the things you once wanted to do because you were so busy helping your children discover the things they wanted to do. Those things are sitting in a treasure chest and the chest needs to be re-opened. Adventure waits.

Life is very short. Scripture tells us; “Man is like a breath; his days are like a passing shadow” (Psalm 144:4). Take a deep breath and jump. As long as the nest is empty what are you doing in there all by yourself?

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