A Bout With Doubt – John 14:6

Wake Up Call

When I came to know the Lord in August of 1977 I had a very deep conversion experience. Still, for a period of time after that I had clouds of doubt occasionally sail by my mind. God was in me but all the junk wasn’t yet out of me. All of the sudden I would think; is this real? Is all this really true? And I would experience a sort of panic and a vacillation.

I had been walking completely without God for years and during that time all sorts of garbage had floated by and I had pulled it in. Transcendental Meditation, reincarnation, horoscopes; a little New Age sampler plate. Besides that I had found myself drawn to secular humanism and I was definitely into materialism. It is not surprising that even when I removed the bag of garbage from my house, there was a lingering smell.

If you have recently converted and made Jesus your Lord and Master, don’t be surprised if you experience a bout with doubt. It’s common and normal. Is this real? Yes. Is it all really true? Yes. If you have found Christ you have found the truth. “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me” (John 14:6).

Remember that light dispels darkness. When doubt comes, turn the light on. Read God’s Word and meditate on it every day. Ask the Holy Spirit to sink the truth deeper into you. As you walk daily with God his friendship will recover the ground that you lost to false gods. Soon you will find your garbage gone permanently. What about your bout with doubt? You probably won’t even be able to remember what it smelled like.



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