The New Normal – Matthew 24:12

Wake Up Call

I enjoy reading with amusement the yearly “Mindset List” published by Beloit College for incoming freshman. For instance, the 2005 list says of these students born in 1983; “There has always been Diet Coke” and “There have always been warnings about second-hand smoke.” Those of us who can remember a little farther back gain a new perspective on the generation now entering adulthood.

Spiritually, there is also a new mindset in our day but it isn’t so amusing. It is, however, becoming standard thinking. How many can remember back to the time when couples did not normally live together before marriage? As a matter of fact, who would have believed a few years ago that the definition of marriage itself would be called into question?

Remember a time before police officers were assigned to schools or metal detectors were placed at doors? Children were generally safe in their own neighborhoods. I remember as a child that we prayed in school, said the Pledge of Allegiance without controversy, and I never heard of anyone considering an abortion.

What has happened? The clear line of morality that used to be the norm has gotten moved. Is this the “new” normal? Jesus talked about a time when “lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.” (Matthew 24:12) Are we there yet? If so, I guess this would be one of those cases where I long for the good old days.



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