Bend – John 10:10

Wake Up Call

Discipline is a good thing, right? Lack of it can cause big problems in our life such as overindulgence, laziness, floating through life without accomplishing anything. Yes, discipline is very good but even with discipline there must be balance.

I know a person who is disciplined to the nth degree. Diet, exercise, time management, money – these are all under firm control. I could even say rigid control. But my friend lacks something too: joy, spontaneity, and flexibility. The regimen of measuring and weighing and keeping the rules of orderly procedure have squeezed out such superfluous items as FUN.

We were meant for good old fashioned fun. We were meant for twinkles in our eyes and laugh creases around our mouths and throwing caution to the wind sometimes as we break loose for adventure. Jesus agrees. He said in John 10:10; “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

We’ve all seen what happens in a storm with howling wind. The tree limbs that are hard and brittle snap off but the ones that are supple and flexible bend and weave in the wind without breaking. That’s a good lesson to us as we evaluate where we are on the “discipline” scale. If we find we are out of balance to either one side or the other, my suggestion is: BEND.