Blessings For Granted

Wake Up Call

I take so many things for granted. Every time I turn on a faucet I expect water. While I sleep during the night, I assume that the fire and police department are taking care of any trouble out there. I drive my car and feel confident that the roads will be in good working order – no bombs will have taken them out. I take for granted the peace and security of my house, my neighborhood and my city.

When I compare all that with those who can’t do so, I start to feel a great sense of gratitude. It is a great blessing that others in the world do not have. Those who live in war torn countries or with great political upheaval can only take hardship for granted. Each day will be a struggle; life and well being are not assured.

I wonder how I can stop assuming that I somehow have a “right” to all these wonderful blessings. When I think about it, I feel ashamed for complaining about travel delays because of road construction or standing in a line for more than five minutes.

Psalm 150 tells me what to do about all this. “Praise Him (God) for His mighty deeds; praise Him according to His excellent greatness.” (Verse 2) Yes, how true. Instead of taking my blessings for granted, I will acknowledge that God graciously granted all these blessings.