Wake Up Call

iwojimaI remember seeing the movie, “Flags of Our Fathers”, a tribute to the determination and bravery of US soldiers of World War II. The movie was rated R for extremely graphic war scenes so I don’t suggest it unless you have an iron stomach or unless you are adept at looking away quickly. (That would be me.)

The movie tells the story behind the famous photo of the flag that was raised at Iwo Jima. While the release of this photograph re-galvanized the American populace who were sick and tired of war, the men who raised it were not doing anything extraordinary at the time. They were treated as heroes but in their hearts they felt that most of the real heroes died on the battlefield.

Actually that wasn’t true. They were wrong about not being heroes. As the story revealed, each one did his duty and followed extremely tough orders. They moved forward in battle on command even though the fighting was very hot. In all honesty, I could see myself holding back if it had been me. I could see myself hugging the bottom of a fox hole. They were heroes simply for being there. I can’t thank them all enough.

What if they wouldn’t have done their duty day by day, battle by battle? What if they would not have been willing to die for the freedom of future generations? I’m sorry some of them didn’t feel that way but I think they were heroes every one.



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