Withdrawal – Isaiah 53

Wake Up Call

I take daily communion and lately my meditation has taken a particular turn I’d like to share with you. I know the traditional scripture for communion is the one that starts off “On the night before he suffered he took bread…” etc. but that is not what I normally read.

It is in Isaiah 53 that I find all the benefits Christ secured for me and I like to remember those. He bore my griefs. He carried my sorrows. He was pierced for my transgressions. He was crushed for my iniquities. The chastening for my peace fell upon him. By his stripes I was healed.

In the past several weeks I have started to think of all those sacrifices as deposits that the Lord made into a bank account when he died on the cross. He put my name as a co-signer. I have access anytime I want it. Am I having a health problem? I need to make a withdrawal. Am I grieved or anxious? There are enough funds to cover it. Did I fall into sin? It’s covered.

Now, as I am receiving the bread and wine I say: “I’m making a withdrawal for “______” and then fill in the blank depending on what is going on in my life. Sometimes I specifically do a withdrawal for a family member who does not yet know the Savior. There is enough to cover that too.

In fact, think about this: no matter how much you withdraw, the funds never run out. The blood was sufficient for all people for all time. So what do you need? Are you running low on anything? Make a withdrawal.