The Club

Wake Up Call

Is there a club for the “Super Spirituals”? Membership’s reserved for those rare individuals above the common man; calamity doesn’t dare trespass in their lives. They’ve got too much faith, don’t ya know? Their tongues wag at the poor outsiders who go through all manner of tribulation while they bask in untroubled lives above the fray.

Job knew a few to nominate as charter members. Some friends came to “help” him in his plight. Yes, they had all the answers about why this happened to him (how he had caused it himself), and what he could do about it.

After enduring one of their many sermons, Job said to them; “Truly then you are the people, and with you wisdom will die” (Job 12:2)! He went on to lament what a joke he was to his friends now when he used to be the guy they thought conversed with God. In their thinking God never let such bad things happen to good people – people in The Club. Like them.

Well, if you do everything right doesn’t everything go right? It’s pretty easy to have that attitude when life is sailing along fine. Job says; “He who is at ease holds calamity in contempt” (Job 12:5). But our whole life is not lived “at ease” is it?

Undeserved trials can bring much needed humility and wisdom for those in training to be “Super Spirituals.” It can also squelch our wagging about other people’s troubles when we have troubles enough of our own. Maybe too many troubles to go around joining any extra clubs.