Sore Soul – Psalm 138:7

Wake Up Call

Have you ever had a sore soul? It feels something like the cut I have right now at my fingertip where it meets my nail. I was filing that nail and the underside of the file cut a ragged slice across the finger just in that crease. It’s somewhat like a paper cut that both screams and aches. There is nothing to do about it but wait till it heals.

How well I understand the spiritual correlation. Only recently an incident brought a soreness to my soul … acute pain and dull ache all swirling together. It’s the kind of thing that affects everything; for a time all of life seems to be filtered through it. Where is there comfort and healing? Must I just sit and wait?

This scripture, however, does comfort me and (in case you have a sore soul) I pass it on to you: “Though I walk in the midst of trouble, Thou wilt revive m.” (Psalm 138:7). It’s that word “revive” which seems so significant. It says that trouble will not win, will run its course and my soul will be soaring instead of sore yet again.

A sore soul is not a permanent condition; just knowing that is helpful. Even this morning I noticed a lessening of my sore finger and I realize it is on the mend. So too my soul. God is in the process of reviving me as He is you. Then my soul will be able to sing a different song: “Thou did make me bold with strength in my soul.” (Verse 3)



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