I’d Rather Be Lowly – Psalm 138:6

Wake Up Call

If you could be intimate friends with the most powerful person in the world or God, whom would you choose? God, right? In a heartbeat! Because of course the most powerful person in the world doesn’t light a candle to God’s power. That’s not all though that makes Him so attractive. He’s also the most interesting and loving person in the world too.

So then, if there were a little secret to get you in closer to God, would you want to know it? I just noticed one in Psalm 138:6 that says: “For though the Lord is exalted, yet He regards the lowly; but the haughty He knows from afar.” None of us likes the “haughty” do we? Those who swagger around thinking they are better than anyone else with their nose high in the air are pretty unappealing.

God feels so strongly about it that He keeps them at arms length. But even though He is the only one with the right to keep His nose in the air He doesn’t operate that way at all. Maybe that’s why He finds it so unattractive in others. Instead He holds close those who are lowly.

The lowly one is more honest about their true condition. The lowly one doesn’t put on airs or demand special privileges or expect insider treatment. Because they don’t, they get pulled into God’s inner circle right away. Lowliness puts one on the fast track to intimacy with God.

Okay then, if that’s what it takes, I’d rather be lowly.



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