Bloated on Blessings

Wake Up Call

Is America bloated on blessings? I think so. I’m reminded of all-you-can-eat buffets. People love them because you can keep taking a new plate and piling it high with no need to finish before you rise up and take another new plate. While you are away from your table a server comes by and removes all the wasted food. There is no end until you decide you can’t shovel in another bite.

At the end of the meal you have eaten too much and wasted too much. You’re bloated on the abundance. I don’t think God ever intended such a thing to happen to us when he poured out so many blessing on our country.

We have almost unending resources. We have a high concentration of wealth — both personal and business. We have leading edge technology. We went first to the moon. We have intelligence, determination and innovation. We’re the last remaining “superpower” of the governments around the world.

But what have our blessings produced? Have they kept us humble, thanking God for “every good thing bestowed and every perfect gift”? (James 1:17) Do we use our great wealth to fulfill the Great Commission? Are we ever cognizant of how much we have? Does it ever even occur to us that we might one day return to the table to find it bare or removed?

We can’t imagine a life without all that we have grown accustomed to and take for granted. I wonder if God would graciously grant us one final blessing. I wonder if he would give us a heart to realize: “‘that you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked.'” (Revelation 3:17)

More than an unending table of abundance, that’s the kind of blessing we need.



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