School’s Out – Romans 14:12

Wake Up Call

How kids long for the day every year when they can holler as they run out of their classrooms; “School’s out!” Whew. Another year over and now freedom looms ahead for a few months of good old summertime.

Not true in the school of life however. School’s never out until we take our last breath and cross over into eternity. In every day and every season of life we are sitting in God’s classroom. We can choose to learn or we can try to zone out but we certainly can’t play hooky.

An older lady I know wisely said recently: “God has a reason for everything that happens to us in life, even the bad stuff. I’m not saying he causes the bad stuff but he sure does use it.” She’s facing diminishing health right now and with it a loss of independence. She sees it as the Lord’s hand teaching her trust and dependence on him. (From what I know of her, I think she is going to end up with and A+ on her final report card.)

So how do you feel at this season in your life? Are you ready for a vacation? Do you wish you could dropout of class? Or, are you excited about your lessons now? Maybe during this season you’re taking your favorite subject and acing all your tests.

Now matter what, learn all you can now because when that final bell rings there will be no further lessons – or chances. After that “so then each one of us shall give account of himself to God.” (Romans 14:12) How glad will you be then to holler “School’s out”?



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