God’s Tattoo – Isaiah 49:16

Wake Up Call

Tattoos have been steadily gaining popularity in the United States in the last few decades. I myself think it’s a pretty chancy endeavor because they are permanent. How do you know you won’t change your mind about whatever picture, symbol or word you choose to engrave upon yourself?

For a person such as me who likes change, I can’t imagine being stuck with something I might have decided on ten or twenty years ago. I guess God knows he won’t change his mind. Isaiah 49:16 tells us: “See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands.” He talks about this in reference to a mother who never forgets her child. He says that even if a mother does forget, he never will.

Wow. What a phenomenal promise that I’m a permanent fixture in God’s life. He can’t scrub me off or wash me off or even ignore me because how can you avoid looking at your hands many times every day? I have no idea why he would choose to engrave ME because I fall so short of being an ideal child. Still there it is.

That’s worth remembering when I feel I disappoint him by going my own way instead of his way or when I don’t feel his presence or his hand in my life. Whether I’m conscious of him minute by minute, he’s conscious of me.

Do you like tattoos? I personally don’t and I don’t want one but I must admit I don’t mind at all being God’s tattoo.


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  1. Babsy Holifield

    LOVE IT! A this moment of reading this, I feel that’s all needing to be said.


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