Don’t Make Me

Wake Up Call

Are you handy? Leaky faucets, clearing drains, re-wiring lamps, hooking up new appliances, hanging curtain rods? I’M NOT. And if I were, I don’t want to be.

Sorry, but I just hate that stuff. I got a book once on fixing common household problems and I have refused to ever open it. I pretend I don’t own the book. I guess I got it so I would feel like I was putting up an effort. The truth is I don’t want to learn how to do any of it because I DON’T WANT TO DO ANY OF IT. Pitiful, huh?

That being said, I’m here to tell you about my exception. I know how to fix my garbage disposal and, unfortunately, I’ve done it three times. My plumber taught me. He’s a really nice guy that I have become semi-friends with because our dogs became friends (another story). Anyhow, I called him with an emergency and when he came to unclog the thing I sat on the kitchen floor and watched him.

He showed me how to take the disposal apart and he had me put it back together again to make sure I understood. I silently vowed I would never need to use this knowledge. Of course – drat! — It clogged again several months later. So I was forced to actually fix it, and put it all back together again. Afterward, I must admit I had a small surge of pride and accomplishment.

Sometimes we won’t do a thing until push comes to shove. We loathe handling certain areas of our life. We won’t face them until we absolutely, positively have no other choice. Like fixing a garbage disposal. But there are things we must do. Kick and scream if you must, but you have to do them in the end anyhow.

Whether it is clearing the air after an argument, re-wiring a faulty friendship, hooking up with a new church or hanging up some hang ups, JUST DO IT. Get it over with. You will feel a surge of pride and accomplishment and you will definitely feel relief. After the third time I fixed my disposal I noticed a slight lessening of dread. I was starting to feel more comfortable and you will too.

(My fix-it book is still headed for my next garage sale.)



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