A Different Game Plan

Wake Up Call

Ever feel like you and God aren’t on the same page? Sometimes that is because the two of you are working different agendas. You think one thing is going on and He’s got another thing going. You may be praying for a particular solution like “I need that check to come in by the 15th.” He, on the other hand, is dealing with the area of where you place your trust. Maybe He knows your trust is in the check and not Him. So when the 15th comes and goes you think God doesn’t answer prayer and He’s saying “examine your motives.”

A favorite movie of mine is Hoosiers. Gene Hackman plays Norman Dale, a high school basketball coach who is on a different page than his tiny Hickory, Indiana team. They just want to win and who cares about discipline, fundamentals or working as a team. He has to break them down before putting them back together so when they start the season off losing games everyone wants to fire him. The team, the parents, the school and the whole town just don’t “get it” at first.

Remember that God always has eternity in mind. Our eyes are often on earthly goals, earthly solutions. God wants our character developed because He is looking ahead to those crowns and mansions He wants to bestow on us. We do not “earn” heaven – Jesus secured that for us if we have accepted His gift, but we can earn rewards for when we get there.

If something puzzling is happening in your life right now, take a step back. Ask God what HE is working on. Better to be in sync with His game plan than your own.

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