Worth Dying For?

August 10, 2018Wake Up Call

Empty cross with shroudTell me, what do you believe? Can you clearly articulate your belief system on paper or to another person? Now I am talking about spiritual beliefs and not stuff like “I believe in hard work” etc.

I clearly remember a conversation with my mother when I was a little girl of about six years old. There was one of those stories going around that on a certain date the world was going to end. This was very worrisome to a six year old and led to a discussion of spiritual issues and what we believed.

I asked some question that I don’t remember but I remember her answer. She said; “The time could come when someone would say to you that if you don’t deny your faith in Jesus they would kill you.” After a moment of considering this I thought I had a perfect solution. I said; “Why not just SAY you don’t believe but in your heart keep on believing?” She said; “No, you can’t do that. You have to decide if you would be willing to die for your faith.”

So now I ask you. Do you believe in something that is worth dying for? If someone was holding a gun to your head would you die rather than deny it? It’s a good question. If the answer is no, should you consider a switch? There is a person who thought you were worth dying for: Jesus Christ. Consider him.




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