Does God Care Who Becomes President?

Wake Up Call

The election is heating up. Of course it is; it always does around this time. And each time they always say that the other guy has sunk lower than anyone ever has before; that the campaign tactics have reached an all time low. They also always say how scary it will be if the “other” guy wins.

Where is God in all this? Does he care who wins? Or, is it like a football game between two really tight rivals and both sides offer prayers before the kickoff and both look for God to be on their side? How does God decide whose prayers to answer?

The President is the man with the greatest authority in the United States and here’s what God says about those of us under that authority. “Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God.” (Romans 13:1) That means that no one can be elected to any office without God’s permission. Even a really bad guy? That’s right, even a really bad guy.

Back in the Old Testament, God used some of the “bad guys” to bring judgment on the Jews for their sin and rebellion. He raised up oppressors for Israel in order to provoke them to return to him or forsake serving other gods. I imagine God does the same thing today.

The other point important to remember is that God looks upon nations as a whole in order to bless or judge them and the head of each nation represents their nation before God. A good President who rules with wisdom and humility helps to draw God’s eye of favor upon the nation. Thinking of it that way, our question changes.

It is not so much a matter of whether God cares who becomes President (he certainly does) as it is the fact that WE should care greatly. God knows the hearts of all men including the Presidential candidates. We need to pray earnestly for the man who will serve in such a way as to bring God’s favor and blessings on our land. Maybe we deserve judgment but we want to plead for mercy and grace and God’s best.

Please pray for the election and be sure to vote. Since God requires us to submit to his appointed authority, I’d rather have it be a “good guy” wouldn’t you?


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