Blind Spots

Wake Up Call

Do you have any blind spots? You don’t know, do you? Because if you knew what they were they wouldn’t be blind would they? We know in our heart we must have blind spots because we notice them in other people, and deep down we figure other people must notice them in us. Then occasionally one pops out of hiding, exposed.

This usually happens two ways and one of them isn’t so nice. Sometimes we find out through another person who feels it their duty to inform us for our own good. Or maybe it comes from them in the heat of an argument, and we simply get slammed. This scenario often brings denial, anger, humiliation, defensiveness, and hurt. Maybe what they have noticed is actually there, but we don’t feel in any condition to accept it.

The other way is when God exposes a blind spot. His way is entirely different. He exposes blind spots when He is ready to start working on them. He does it kindly, and with patience. God may allow a character issue to sit in our lives for many years while others are thinking; “why doesn’t God zap her for that?” Yet we go along oblivious — not seeing it at all.

Then the spotlight comes on. Usually we somehow simply begin to have a new awareness about it, or circumstances open it up. Sometimes it has been hinted at for a long while, but now we are ready and God knows it so we don’t feel humiliated or hurt.

It’s wise to turn a blind eye to other people’s blind spots. It’s also wise to welcome God’s spotlight on our own. No matter how blind any of us are, God’s vision is crystal clear.

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