Safe Beneath His Wings – Psalms 56:9

Wake Up Call

“This I know, that God is for me” (Psalm 56:9). Do you know that God is for you? I mean, really KNOW it? Not head knowledge but heart knowledge? Or do you think of God as the one with a big stick just trying to catch you doing something wrong? Do you see Him as sitting in heaven laughing at you as you try to figure out what to do next? Do you see Him smugly saying “I told you so” or “serves you right”?

If it is hard for you to really absorb God’s deep love for you there is probably a reason. Perhaps your experience with human beings who were supposed to love you has been fractured. God calls himself “Father” to us so we can understand His great love. But if our image of “father” is someone who is remote, or mean, or abusive, or untrustworthy, it causes us to pin a bad wrap on God. That’s understandable. Acknowledging that we have a warped image of God is a good first step to correcting it.

Still, even if we know in our head that our image of God is not accurate, how can we get that information down into our heart? I’ll share with you an image the Lord gave to me several years ago. Over time it helped me feel different about the love of my heavenly Father.

I saw myself under the wing of an enormous bird (probably an eagle) with outstretched wings. There was a spot where the wing met the belly of the bird which was unbelievably soft and that is where I was nestled. This spot was covered with the finest down – softer than velvet and oh so warm and safe. I kept on rubbing that spot and couldn’t get over how very wonderful it was.

After awhile I realized that I could run and skip and play at will within the outstretched wing span and then head back to the soft spot under the wing. I had total freedom and complete safety under that wing. My sense in this picture was that the bird was extremely fierce – but not to me. I think the bird would have done anything to protect me.

Ask the Lord to give you a new image of himself as the GOD WHO IS FOR YOU. I also give you full permission to borrow my image if that would be of any help. I pray your image of God’s Fatherly love would penetrate the deepest places in your heart and that you would come to feel safe beneath his wings.

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