What Do You Have Left? – Psalm 68:19

Wake Up Call

I just came across a note in the margin of a journal dated November 1999. I don’t remember anymore why I wrote it down – maybe there was no particular occasion except that it is a very encouraging quote.

The quote is from the late Robert Schuller. He says; “Look at what you have left, never what you have lost.” What simple and good wisdom that is. Let’s spend a couple of moments letting that really sink into our hearts.

When we have lost things it is our natural tendency to center our attention there. Perhaps we lost a marriage, a child, a friendship, a career, an investment, our health, or a dream. There are those of you reading this that have lost more than one of the above and maybe some additional things not mentioned. But no matter what you have lost, you have something left. Yes, you do.

Psalm 68:19 says; “Blessed be the Lord, who daily loads us with benefits, the God of our salvation!” All around us everyday there are blessings and benefits from the Lord but we need to notice them and begin thanking Him for them. At first it may take some effort because we have spent so much time on grieving over our losses.

Ask yourself this question: what do I have left? Grudgingly, one tiny little thing may come to mind. I say “grudgingly” because sometimes we are so angry over what has been lost that we don’t really want to acknowledge the blessings. Just do it anyhow. Now thank God for that one thing. What’s next? Keep on going. You will build up a stockpile of things that are left. Every time your loss comes to mind, counter it with your stockpile of blessings. And keep adding to the stockpile day by day.

Keep your eyes on the Lord’s daily load of benefits and the time will come when gratitude will be the centerpiece of your heart. Yes, the time will come when the losses are diminished and thanksgiving is ALL you have left.


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