Big Red

Wake Up Call

My children will laugh when they read this Wake Up Call. I’ve so often been teased about my rapturous adulation upon seeing a picture, or even hearing a mention of my beloved Big Red. Officially called, The Holland Light, Big Red is the lighthouse in Holland, Mi. where Lake Michigan and Lake Macatawa almost touch.

I used to keep a picture of Big Red on my credenza at work. When things got totally out of hand, and the stress load was overwhelming, I would turn around at my desk and look at Big Red and feel a wonderful peace blanket me. It never failed. To this day, gazing at that wonderful lighthouse brings a sense of tranquility and always a smile.

You might wonder; is this the most beautiful lighthouse in the world or something? What on earth is so special about it? It is a beautiful and very distinctive lighthouse, but that isn’t what makes me smile. I love it because during several times of great pain in my life, God arranged for me to visit Holland, Mi. There I would sit for hours on the beach or walk back and forth through the white sand with Big Red in full view.

It always amazed me. It was always exactly what I needed. I experienced deep peace, refreshing, and a definite sense of the personal hand of God gently guiding the whole thing. So when I think of Big Red I think of a big present that God gave me out of His enormous mercy and kindness. Every time I see Big Red it’s like I’m unwrapping that present all over again.

Maybe you have your own Big Red. A place where God’s hand is clearer and dearer to you than any other place on earth. I hope you do. It’s worth thinking about when times are stressful or life is overwhelming. Even if you can’t go there physically, you can visit in your mind. I would like to see Big Red again, as I haven’t been there for many years. But if not, my smile is just a memory away.

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