The Smart Dolphins – Ecclesiastes 4:10

Wake Up Call

You would almost think six dolphins in New Orleans had been following advice from Ecclesiastes 4:10 when hurricane Katrina hit. It says; “But woe to him who is alone when he falls, for he has no one to help him up.” These were dolphins born in captivity; tame and trained for water shows.

When the water rose it lifted them out of their enclosures and washed them into the Gulf. Now they were basically free; they could swim out into the ocean and never be heard from again. That’s not what happened though.

The trainers were understandably not able to search for many days. When they were able to start checking they finally found the dolphins. Some had wounds but all survived and wanted to be fed and rescued. Instead of separating off, there they were all huddled together in the water. How smart!

Why is it that Christians so often split when there is a disaster or scandal within the church? Instead of huddling together to weather the storm and help pick each other up, they take off for parts unknown. There is safety in numbers and these dolphins seem to intuitively know that. We should be so smart!



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