Old Scottish Ballad

Wake Up Call

music-notes-blueI like the sentiment in this old Scottish ballad: “I may be wounded but I am not slain. I’ll lay down and rest for awhile and then I’ll fight again.” I like the grit and determination expressed; I like the “I refuse to quit” spirit.

As I look back over my 30 plus year walk with the Lord I can see plenty of times I identified with those song lyrics. Plenty of times I was wounded and needed to rest awhile. Every soldier on a battlefield must have a furlough at some point or they won’t be able to go on.

I remember one time quite a few years ago where I was bone weary spiritually. God led me to a church for a two year period that felt like a convalescent center to me and it was exactly what I needed. The church was very healthy emotionally and spiritually and had a great strong pastor. I was a dry sponge soaking in every drop.

The time came when I was ready to move on and when I did so I was prepared to fight again with a fresh heart. I had not withdrawn from God’s church; I had simply been in the hospital wing for a season.

Are you tired and battle weary? Go ahead and rest awhile. Then rise up. You too will fight again.