Acts 29 – Acts 28:24

Wake Up Call

The book of Acts ends abruptly – dangling in the air. There is no proper sign off by the writer, Luke who traveled with Paul. In Chapter 28, the last chapter, Luke recounts Paul’s arrival in Rome for the purpose of appealing his case to Caesar. We are told that he preached the gospel unhindered for two years from his jail cell to both Jews and Gentiles. Then, the book just ends, never finishing the story.

Behind the human writer we know that the Holy Spirit was the true author. And from a spiritual perspective, maybe the loose ending was no accident. That’s what a friend of mine believed when she called her ministry “Acts 29”. She felt we are called to continue writing new chapters for the Acts of the Apostles until Jesus returns.

Her chapter consisted of buying a bus and heading into her downtown every Friday night about 11 PM to minister to drunks, homeless, and patrons of the various nude bars. She boldly and compassionately preached the gospel similarly to the way Paul did it back in pagan Rome. She also had similar results: “And some were being persuaded by the things spoken, but others would not believe.” (Acts 28:24)

What chapter are we on by now after more than 2000 years? Have you written one? Read all twenty-eight chapters of Acts and you will have plenty of inspiration for your own launching. Let’s contribute to Acts 29 until he comes!



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