Watch – Mark 3:2

Wake Up Call

Have you ever had someone constantly watch you, waiting for you to make a mistake so that they could pounce on it? Jesus had it happen to him all the time. Once when he entered the synagogue on the Sabbath there was a man with a withered hand. “And they were watching Him to see if He would heal him on the Sabbath, in order that they might accuse Him.” (Mark 3:2)

Of course Jesus did heal the man and the Pharisees couldn’t have been more offended. “And the Pharisees went out and immediately began taking counsel with the Herodians against Him, as to how they might destroy Him.” (Verse 6) Isn’t that interesting? They considered healing a BIG mistake, worthy of destroying someone.

While the Pharisees “went out” from him, the multitudes drew close. They weren’t looking for a way to accuse Jesus; they wanted to receive healing for themselves. “He healed many, with the result that all those who had afflictions pressed about Him in order to touch Him.” (Verse 10)

What was the difference between the two groups? Pride versus humility I would say. Did you know that the same two groups still exist today? Some distain any new move of God which breaks out and watch for any fault they can find. They want to shut it down fast and maintain the status quo.

I’d rather be like the other guys, wouldn’t you? I’d rather constantly be on the watch, not to find a mistake, but to find an open spot where I can press in.