Which Voices Prevail? – Luke 23:21

Wake Up Call

Pilate was not a godly man and had no sympathies toward the Jewish religion. He was simply unfortunate enough to be the Roman ruler over Jerusalem when Jesus was arrested. But even he could see clearly that Jesus was innocent of any crime and not worthy of crucifixion.

As the people called out; “Crucify, crucify Him!” (Luke 23:21) Pilate said; “Why, what evil has this man done?” (Verse 22) He tried to use reason with a crowd that was unreasonable and wanted no part of truth. Finally – and sadly, their insistence paid off. Verse 23 says; “And their voices began to prevail.”We all know the rest of that story.

Which voices cry out today? Does whoever screams the loudest get their way? Do the biggest over the top protesters win out whether they represent the truth or not? Some of the top news stories around the world seem to indicate that the answer is yes.

Remember that as we approach the Second Coming of Christ, there will be great upheaval and a seven year tribulation will coat the earth. Evil will appear to trump good and reason will be drowned out.

Which voices prevail in our current world may very well tell us how close we are.



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